Electrical Panel Services in Rogers, AR

You probablyRogers Electrical Panel Services don’t think about your electrical panel that often. It’s okay, you really aren’t supposed to. The light and power it provides are things most people usually take for granted, and it’s only when you overload the system or when it falters on its own that you remember it’s there.

It’s likely you’ve had to throw the breaker on your electrical panel before. But there are certain electrical problems that you shouldn’t try to solve by yourself. Electricity is dangerous and can cause damage or harm even during the smallest electrical panel repair. If you’re living in Rogers, AR, it’s much better to leave the dirty work to trained technicians, like the ones at Xpert Electric.

If you’re having issues with your electrical panel or you need an electrical panel upgrade, give us a call.

Electrical Panels: The Basics

Your electrical panel is likely in a part of the house that’s away from your most commonly used rooms, whether that’s your garage or your basement. It could also be in a pantry or other closet, or even attached to an outside wall if it’s an older fuse box.

An electrical panel connects to the internal wiring of your home. Internal wires are the wires that run through the walls and supply power to all of your appliances. They stretch across your house but get their power from the central panel.

Depending on their age and abilities, electrical panels go by many names, and we’re certified and trained to handle them all. In older homes, they were called fuses. Other homes called them circuit breakers as they had a mechanical toggle instead of a fuse. In modern homes, they’re called electrical/service panels.

A current electric service panel is made up of the following components:

  • A door that can swing open
  • A cover for the breakers
  • Wiring that connects the elements
  • Circuit breakers
  • Extra space for additional breakers

Contrary to what you may think, the electrical company doesn’t necessarily own your electrical panel. In fact, more often than not, YOU do. That’s right, it’s likely that you’re the one responsible for any issues with your service panel.

That’s why it’s so vital to find a quality service provider like Xpert Electric in the Rogers, AR, area. We can inspect your system and do an electrical panel repair or a full unit upgrade to ensure all the wiring is properly connected and your house is safe.

Signs of Electrical Panel Damage

There are certain tell-tale signs that you need immediate electrical panel repair, at which point you should call trained and professional electricians, like those at Xpert Electric. Otherwise, neglecting issues with your electrical panel can be extremely dangerous.

Sometimes, malfunctions and system failures call for a full electrical panel upgrade to maintain safety. Call Xpert Electric to get a technician’s opinion on what option is best for you.

Circuit breakers usually last for decades before they need major maintenance. However, that doesn’t make them immune to malfunction. Your circuit breakers may fail to stop the flow of electricity, for instance. If that happens, call our technicians at Xpert Electric, and we’ll replace your broken breakers.

If your breakers trip regularly, you may have a larger issue on your hands. We see breakers that trip a lot in older homes, which were built with a different electrical workload in mind. These older systems are unable to handle the amount of power the average modern homeowner needs, which results in a pattern of tripped circuit breakers and overloaded circuits.

If you live in an old home and think your breaker needs a full electrical panel upgrade, give us a call.

Here are some other indicators that your electrical panel needs to be serviced:

  • The front panel is warm to the touch
  • Excess moisture (e.g., rust stains or white corrosion)
  • Improper wiring
  • Damaged service cables
  • A strong burning smell

Some of these can be solved through simple repairs. A majority of them, though, call for a service panel replacement. Regardless, call Xpert Electric. We’ll guide you through any issue, whether that’s the simplest of repairs or the process of a total panel upgrade.

Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

You might be debating whether the investment in a new electrical panel is worth it. At Xpert Electric, we will never push an upgrade on you; we will only recommend one if it’s necessary to the function and safety of your home and electrical system. If you do need an upgrade, you’ll be astonished at how much it improves your day-to-day life at home.

Old, outdated, and/or damaged electrical panels run the risk of fire and malfunction. Getting an electrical panel upgrade will greatly reduce that risk. It’ll also provide more consistent power without overloading your circuits.

You can even request to add additional circuits during your upgrade. Doing this gives you the opportunity to provide your family with the power it needs.

Updating your electrical panel will give you the ease of knowing that your home is running safely and efficiently. Also, if you choose to put your home on the market in the future, an up-to-date service panel makes a great selling point.

Give us a call today to determine if a full electrical panel upgrade is necessary. If you’d simply like to upgrade because you want more power and a better performance from your electrical panel, we’re happy to help!

Xpert Electric: The Best of Rogers

If you’re in Rogers, AR, and you’re looking for an “electrician near me,” Xpert Electric is here to help. We’re a family- and veteran-owned company that’s proud to serve homes in the Rogers, AR, area.

We offer electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Whether we meet you at your home or at your business, we will treat you like family. At Xpert Electric, we’ll always get your job done right, and we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way.

So if your service panel needs work or needs to be upgraded, get in contact with one of our master electricians today.