Residential Electrical Services in Bentonville, AR


The last time you had an electrical problem in your home, what did you do about it? If you are like most people, chances are good that you took a long, hard look at it and if you thought you could get away with it, you did nothing. After all, if it’s not smoking or burning, why bother? Right? Wrong.

One of the problems with electrical work is that in many cases it can be at the cusp of a problem for long periods of time until just the right combination of circumstances happens, then you have a fire, electrocution, or any number of other problems, better or worse. What most homeowners don’t know is that not only are most electrical issues not expensive but making improvements can revolutionize your property. What follows is a shortlist of just a few Residential Electrical Services that could make your home not only safer to live in, but more fun and convenient too.

Repairs and Compliance

If you have ever had an electrical problem, you are probably well aware that fixing it is more than just bringing it back to operational status. For many good reasons, electrical work has to meet very stringent code requirements that ensure


Electrical Repairs and installations are perhaps the largest part of an electrician’s business, and for good reason. Who doesn’t have a desire to have something special for their homes such as a light, a fan, or some other accent that most homeowners wouldn’t have the skill or time to make? It is in times and situations such as these that an electrician would be perfect to make a dream come true.

Electrical Panels and Wiring

Of all the parts of a home, the electrical panel and wiring are probably the most mysterious to most homeowners. These are, no doubt, where the magic of electricity happens in a modern home, but to most homeowners, they are more mystical than magical. As long as these perform their function, all is right with the world, but problems can cause dangerous effects that homeowners should never ignore.

Whole House Fans

If you are tired of paying high electrical bills due to air conditioning, a whole-house fan can be the answer. More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of not only cutting their air conditioning costs but enjoying fresh, clean air from the outside.

Surge Protectors and Smoke Detectors

If there are two areas of technology that most homes weren’t prepared to handle when they happened, it’s surge protectors and smoke detectors. Surge protectors have only been around about the time personal computers became trendy, smoke detectors, only a few years earlier. The trouble with these, just as is the case with so many other technologies, is that most homes weren’t built with accommodating so many devices in mind. Fortunately, with an experienced electrician, these devices and so many others can be brought to fully operational and protect you and your families.

Outlet Installations

“We have so much more light in this room than we need,” said no homeowner ever. It might be funny, but it’s true. Whether your need is for more outlets for lighting and other uses, or just lighting itself, an electrician can make your home much more livable by installing more outlets and other fixtures for lights and other features.

EV Charger Installations

It’s almost a sure bet that one of the next revolutions will be over electric cars. And wherever electric cars go, be sure that there will be a demand for EV chargers, in commercial locations as well as homes. And anyone who wants to be part of the electric car trend would be wise to make sure that their garage or driveway is outfitted with appropriate chargers for their use as well as owners in the future. Perhaps best of all, all it takes is an electrician to convert the systems in most homes to what is required to install an EV charger. Electrician Services in Bentonville, AR can make it happen.

At Xpert Electric LLC, electrical services shouldn’t be a problem. Instead, they should be an enabler. With all the experience available from Xpert, you can maximize the opportunities afforded by your system, every day of the year.