Power Restoration in Bentonville, AR

Power outages always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. But then, there isn’t a convenient time to lose your connection to the power grid, is there?  Even so, when outages happen, they remind us of just how dependent we are on the electricity that flows into our homes every day.

When the lights go out, the first instinct most people have is to dig out the flashlights and candles and wait it out. That’s not the worst plan in the world, but there are other important steps you can take that might help power restoration happen sooner.

Find the Problem: Why Is the Power Out?

Power doesn’t go out for no reason at all. Most often, the weather is the culprit.  Heavy rainstorms are nothing new in Bentonville, AR. Lightning, flooding, or a wind-knocked power line can be the cause of disrupted service. 

But nature isn’t the only potential cause of an outage. Improper wire installation, shorts or overloads, device failures, tree root growth, ground movement, and loose connections are other reasons for service loss. Instead of waiting in the dark for power restoration, Xpert Electric recommends you take the following steps:


Go outside and check with neighbors to see if the outage is widespread. If the rest of the neighborhood is also dark, the problem isn’t your home’s electrical system.

Contact Emergency Services

Call 911 if you see any burning or live wires that could cause harm. Do not try to take care of an electrical hazard yourself.

Call Your Local Energy Supplier

If the outage is widespread, call your local power company to let them know about the problem. Don’t assume they are already working on it. It’s possible they do not yet know about the issue. Or, the utility company may have information about the cause or the estimated time for power restoration.

Check Your Service Panel

If the power outage is affecting only you, check your electrical panel. The main breaker may have tripped. If that’s the case, flipping the switch back on should restore your power.

Call an Electrician

If flipping the breaker doesn’t work or only restores power briefly, it’s time to call Xpert Electric for power restoration service. Loss of power could be a sign that your electrical panel or wiring is damaged. Remember that a malfunctioning electrical system isn’t just an inconvenience. It puts you and your family at risk for fire or electrocution.

Xpert Electric Servicing Bentonville, AR

Xpert Electric offers 24/7 emergency services throughout the Bentonville, AR, area for your safety and convenience. Call our office for fast power restoration. We have the experience to inspect your electrical panel box and make any needed repairs. 

If your panel box is over 20 years old or if you’re experiencing frequent outages, we may recommend a new panel installation.

We are a veteran- and family-owned electrical business serving the Bentonville, AR, area. Xpert Electric technicians are fully licensed and insured professionals with a commitment to integrity and professionalism. Building strong, long-term relationships with our customers is the core foundation of our business. 

Contact us today if you need power restoration or if you have concerns about your electrical panel.