Electrical Troubleshooting Services in Bentonville, AR

Most homeowners take constant access to all the electricity they need to keep their lights, appliances, and electronics running for granted until something goes wrong. Sometimes, the problem is obvious. More often than not, though, Electrical Troubleshooting requires a high degree of specialized experience.

Troubleshooting Services

Only a licensed Electrician in Bentonville, AR can troubleshoot problems with lights, outlets, and appliances effectively. Even seemingly minor issues such as frequently tripped circuit breakers can indicate more serious underlying problems. It’s never wise to put off calling an electrician for troubleshooting services, especially when residents’ safety could be jeopardized.

Common Signs of Trouble

Unless they have training as electricians, most homeowners won’t be able to troubleshoot electrical problems by themselves. That said, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to call a professional for help. Homeowners can keep an eye out for the following warning signs that there’s something wrong with the electrical system:

    • Frequent power surges or dips

    • Frequently tripped circuit breakers

    • Outlets that don’t work

    • Lightbulbs that constantly burn out

    • Inexplicably high electricity bills

    • Problems with unreliable backup generators

    • Switch covers or outlet plates that are hot to the touch

    • Electrical shocks

    • Smoke or burning smells when using appliances

    • Sparks or smoke coming from outlets

Multiple underlying issues could be to blame for most of these common problems. Finding the right fix requires pinpointing the exact cause of the electrical issue. Once an electrician determines the cause of a client’s problem, he or she can begin implementing an effective solution immediately.

What to Expect

Professional electricians have all the tools and training required to identify the cause of any electrical problem. They follow a systematic approach to work efficiently and will arrive at the home fully prepared to do what’s necessary to restore the electrical system to a safe, functional state. Trained electricians follow these steps to find an effective and efficient solution:

Step One: Inspection

Some electrical problems are easier to troubleshoot than others. If the problem is a minor one, such as using the wrong bulbs in light receptacles or overloading outlets, the electrician may be able to pinpoint the issue through a visual inspection, alone. More complex problems may require reading the voltage, testing the circuits, or tracing the lines.

Step Two: Identification

Once the electrician has identified the problem, he or she will investigate its underlying causes. In many cases, multiple underlying causes are contributing to the electrical defect. A good electrician will check every component that could be malfunctioning to ensure that the defect can be fully resolved.

Step Three: Repairs

Simple problems can usually be repaired on the spot. More complex issues that require replacing multiple components may require scheduling a second visit. Either way, a reputable electrician won’t consider his or her job done until the homeowner’s electrical system is back in perfect working order.

Step Four: Testing

After implementing a solution, the electrician will test the system to ensure that it works. If the problem has been resolved, homeowners can go back to using their outlets, lights, and appliances as usual. If it persists, the electrician may need to return to steps two or three and perform additional inspections and repairs to resolve a second underlying issue.

What to Try Before Calling a Professional

Unless they have dedicated training as electricians, homeowners should never attempt to resolve complex electrical issues by themselves. That said, there are a few basic things they can try before calling in a professional. Before calling an electrician, homeowners should ask themselves these three questions:

1. Is the switch turned on?

This may sound silly, but it’s surprising how many calls electricians get about lights or appliances that won’t work that turn out to be related not to underlying electrical problems, but switches that aren’t turned on. Check the accompanying switch first to avoid paying service fees for this simple fix.

2. Is the bulb the right wattage?

If light bulbs are constantly burning out, that could indicate a serious underlying issue. It could also be a problem with the lightbulb. Check the bulb to make sure its wattage doesn’t exceed the fixture’s load requirements.

3. Is the circuit breaker tripped?

Circuit breakers trip for a variety of reasons, from power surges to blown circuits or fuses. Sometimes, all that homeowners need to do to restore electricity to a particular area of their homes is reset the circuit breaker or change a fuse. If the problem keeps coming up over and over, though, it’s time to call for help.

Schedule Professional Troubleshooting

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