Electrical Panel Upgrade in Bentonville, AR 

Your home’s electrical panel is the powerful heartbeat of your house. It’s vital to check it regularly, which many people fail to do. An electrical panel upgrade is most likely needed if it’s at least 25 years old. Xpert Electric can help if you need a panel evaluation or if you’re ready to replace your panel. 

The History of Distribution Boards

In the old days, electrical panels were called circuit boxes. Are you old enough to remember those? A lamp or TV would go out, and someone would need to take a flashlight and creep down the cellar steps to change the fuse in the box. 

Soon, along came updated electrical wiring and circuit breakers, thus the electrical panel. Our modern-day electric service is much safer than the circuit fuses from the old days. 

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

If you’re experiencing things like a periodic or complete loss of power to specific appliances, lamps, or anything else that runs on electricity, you can inspect your electrical panel. If you’re not 100% sure of what you’re looking for or doing, call the professionals at Xpert Electric. 

Other signs or reasons your panel needs an upgrade are:

  • Black or gray scorch marks on any of your electrical outlets
  • The outlet sparks when you plug or unplug something
  • A warm sensation on your fingers while touching an outlet
  • Lights flicker—one time or continuously
  • A burning smell (not coming from the toaster)
  • You receive shocks from simply touching a light switch or any other “on” switch
  • You still have a circuit breaker box
  • You’re installing a major appliance, like a hot tub

Can your electrical panel handle the wattage? If you aren’t sure, give us a call.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

An upgrade will be highly recommended by one of our expert electricians—your googleable “electrician near me”—if they see the need. An upgrade involves shutting off the main circuit breaker, carefully removing your old wires and panel, and installing new ones that better suit your home or business’s needs. 

An electrical panel upgrade is something you should not attempt to do unless you’re a licensed electrician.  

Why Bentonville, AR, Trusts Xpert Electric

It’s pretty simple. We’re one of the top electrical panel upgrade services in the Bentonville, AR, area. We’ve been upgrading electrical panels and providing other superior electrical work to homes and businesses since 2004. Our master electricians not only know exactly what they’re doing, but they’ll also educate you as to exactly why they’re doing it. 

You can trust that Xpert Electric is honest. We will never talk you into an electrical panel upgrade unless we genuinely believe you need one. 

Once you make the initial contact, you become part of our family—that’s how well we treat our customers. We’ll come and assess your home or business and your electrical needs, examine the electrical panel, and thoroughly explain our findings. 

Eventually, we’ll discuss options with you, and if you indeed need an electrical panel upgrade, we can go over the price and payment options. A residential upgrade can cost between $1,500-$4,000, depending on the amp service required. 

The Time Is Now

Electrical problems are nothing to ignore and nothing to try and fix on your own. Call Xpert Electric or contact us through our website to get in touch with a professional. One of our friendly, skilled electricians will quickly respond and get you on the road to a safer home or business.