Electrical Panel Upgrade in Bentonville, AR

You may not pay much attention to your electrical panel, but it’s the most critical component of your home’s electrical systems. A faulty or inadequate panel increases the risk of electrical problems for your home. So if you’re having issues with your electrical system, it may be time for a dependable electrical panel upgrade from Xpert Electric.

Does Your Home Need an Upgrade?

Electrical panels are long-lasting pieces of equipment that last for decades. It would generally be wise to replace them within 40 years, but many homes have panels much older than that here in Bentonville, AR.

These older panels weren’t built to keep up with the number of electrical devices we have in our homes today. Instead, when they were installed primarily for lighting. Today, more homes have electric heat, air conditioning, more appliances, and devices like televisions and computers.

Every panel was designed for a specific amperage. If your home is drawing more power than your panel can handle, it will start tripping breakers. You won’t be able to run everything you want at once, and it could even be a potential fire hazard.

Adding more breakers is an option to upgrade your panel for more circuits within your home, but this only works up to a point. Eventually, it will be time to replace your panel entirely. That is common when expanding a home or installing new HVAC systems. Sometimes, a panel has just gotten too old and will need an upgrade as issues begin to develop.

Watch Out for These Warning Signs

There are some things you can look out for to tell if your panel needs an upgrade right away. The most important signs are burning smells, sparking outlets, and the panel being warm to the touch.

Call in a professional electrician immediately if you spot those signs. They aren’t just a matter of inconvenience. These signs indicate that something is wrong that could lead to serious safety hazards within your home.

Some more subtle signs include flickering lights and frequent breaker trips. If you’re not able to run multiple appliances at once, that’s also a hint something’s wrong. Our licensed electricians can diagnose the root cause of these problems to see if you need an electrical panel upgrade or other repairs.

Dependable Electrical Panel Upgrades and Service

For your safety, you should leave electrical panel upgrades to professional electricians. All your home’s electricity flows through the panel, so it isn’t something to handle without the necessary experience.

Xpert Electric provides electrical panel upgrades in Bentonville, AR, and the surrounding areas. Our electricians are fully licensed and use their training and experience to carry out every job safely.

You can count on us to accurately determine your home’s requirements and install a correctly sized electrical panel upgrade. We can guarantee that your home has adequate capacity for all of your appliances and electrical systems.

Schedule Your Upgrade Today

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